Cars That Fit Your Lifestyle

We help you determine which vehicles are best for your lifestyle, long-term ownership, and have the best resale value .

Get The Best Price

We source vehicles from several suppliers and get the best price for you.

Compare Buying Options

We will assist you on comparing the different vehicle purchase options whether it is buying, financing, or leasing.

Honest Car Value Assessments

Get an honest assessment of what your current vehicle is worth to ensure you get maximum value on a trade-in or private sale.

Repairs and Detailing

Let us further maximize the value of your car by taking care of any repairs or detailing services in order to get your vehicle ready for trade-in or sale.

Long-term Advice

We also provide you with long-term advice for service, accessories, cleaning, and maintenance of your new vehicle.


The complete car buying package

Whether you're looking to buy or sell, we'll take care of your needs through each step of the process.

Get The Best Price

Our deep understanding of the car sales industry means we will you get the best price possible.

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Compare Your Buying Options

Are you going to pay cash, finance, or lease? Do you know what the best option is given your financial situation? We can help determine the right option for you.

Honest Car Value Assessments

RM Motorcar will manage the task of getting the car ready for resale by making sure the vehicle looks its best, agree on the selling price based on similar or past sales, add photos and video clips, and do the screening of qualified buyers and test drives. We can also assist in arranging the transportation and logistics of getting the vehicle overseas and or into USA. Our goal is to get you the best value within the current retail market for your vehicle.  It's important to make sure the car its priced properly.


Concierge service when you need it

Need a lift during the buying or selling process? Do you need a vehicle delivered to the shop or a buyer? We've got you covered.

Long-Term Advice

As a client of ours, you have access to long-term advice on:

  • buying or selling a vehicle
  • maintenance and repairs
  • detailing, parts, and accessories
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