Our fee for consulting, researching and finding the ideal new or pre-owned vehicle for you is $500.

We can also assist in selling your current car privately vs. trading it in to the dealer who will pay you a minimum value for it

Our typical services include but are not limited to:

  • manage the cleanup and detailing
  • manage any glass, mechanical, or body shop repairs (utilize RM Motorcar wholesale trades)
  • administer CarFax report
  • administer public listing of vehicle on various online auto sites
  • screening of credit worthy qualified buyers
  • Certified Cheque from the buyer is made out to you
  • Our standard fee for selling your current vehicle your driving is $500.

Exotic, Antique & Collector Vehicles

RM Motorcar uses the  most popular digital auction platforms that alerts & informs the vehicle collector enthusiasts around the world; results are a top dollar sale, paid in US funds.   Our fee for selling your treasured Exotic,  Antique, or Collector vehicle is based on the length of time and cost involved in getting it sold; our minimum fee for selling these types of vehicles is $500 + 5% of selling price.  Email us your enquiries and questions and we would be happy to share our success stories to date with you.