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Our private auto broker services provide our clients, the best overall deal on a new or pre-owned vehicle purchase.  We will find, advise and negotiate the purchase price with the dealer or private seller on your behalf.
As for your current used vehicle, our auto broker services will act on your behalf and complete the following services; manage the clean up & detail, repair the deficiencies, list the vehicle for sale and complete the will get a much higher $ value for your vehicle than just simply trading it in.  At the end of day, we help you make the right decision in buying or selling your vehicle and most importantly, keeping those hard earned  $$ in your pocket.

Patrick's Story

I have always been passionate about cars. My love affair with automobiles in particular VW's and Porsche's started as a young lad; I knew every year, make & model of these small German cars on the road. My father would take me down to the car dealer showrooms, we would drive some pretty cool sports car and I would collect and study the brochures from cover to cover.  As a teenager I started collecting, repairing and selling old VW Beetles, they were everywhere, cheap and easy to fix.  I purchased my first Porsche 911 in my twenties and have continued with the  appreciation and ownership of these fabulous cars which have really appreciated in value especially over the last couple of years from their original purchase price.

After a long career in the wireless tech business, I wanted start my own car business, I accepted a new job at the local Mercedes-Benz dealership selling new and used cars; the 30 day sale cycle on 100% commission you have manage your time and close the business.  I focused on customers requirements, relationships, and supporting the client after the sale.  I saw first hand the hesitation in customers trusting the sales and service departments of the had to earn the respect.
I started Rocky Mountain Motorcar in 2018, a new venture that offers a relaxed and respectful car-shopping experience. My company acts as an agent to the new or pre-owned vehicle buyer, doing all of the research, consulting, and negotiating. We will also assist in getting your current vehicle sold vs. trading it in.


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Rocky Mountain Motorcar is a fully Licensed Auto-Broker consulting
business and active member of Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council

Rocky Mountain Motorcar AMVIC license, B2026066
Patrick Marks individual AMVIC license, S1042412
City of Calgary business license, BL15253610


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