What our customers are saying

"Shopping for a car can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know a lot about them. While I do have friends who’ve done their research, shopped around and made good purchases, that’s not me. I have no time, interest or, truth be told, confidence in doing that.

Pat listened to my descriptions of how I use my vehicle and the amenities I like. He selected several types of cars for me to see. After making appointments with the dealerships, he carefully explained each vehicle while I test drove them. When we found the perfect choice, a Genesis G60 Sport sedan, he skillfully negotiated a lower price plus four Michelin snow tires. I paid less than I was prepared to spend and got a whole lot more than I expected because of Pat’s work. He made the whole experience positive."

- Cynthia R

"This winter I was faced with the daunting task of finding a new vehicle for myself. Knowing this would create an increased level of anxiety, I immediately thought of calling my friend Pat for advice. His keen interest and knowledge in vehicles and in the current car market is well known among all of his friends and colleagues.

Pat’s help and reassuring nature was such a blessing to me. His assistance to narrow my focus was greatly appreciated. Once a make and model was decided upon, he set up an appointment with the General Manager of the dealership and received significant discounts on the purchase price and valued add-ons.

I am so very grateful to have had his support through this process. I am thrilled with the vehicle I chose"


"I was in the market for a new vehicle as my old 1996 Ford Taurus Wagon had seen better days (loved that car).  I have known Pat for over 40 years and trust his knowledge about cars as well as the buying and selling component.  I was a bit apprehensive when visiting a car dealership on my own.  I called Pat and he spent the time and came with me to various locations.  Pat knew what type of vehicle would be the best fit for me insofar as its use and at a good price point.  I felt confident that when we went to the dealership I was getting the straight goods.

I bought the 2018 Golf Sport Wagen and absolutely love it.  I would recommend that if you are buying or selling talk with Pat first.  I have no regrets.  Love my VW Sport Wagen."

- Jane  M.