Save Time & Thousands of Dollars On Your Next Vehicle.

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Save Time & Thousands On Your Next Vehicle

1. Pick a make and model

Have a vehicle in mind that matches your taste. Any make and model including all luxury vehicles.

2. No strings attached.

We negotiate with the dealers to get you the best deal. Save time and up to $5000.

Nobody likes dealing with pushy or manipulative car salesmen. Let a professional car broker get you the best deal. 

We coordinate and negotiate with the dealer on your behalf. We know the games they play. We don't work for the car dealerships, we work for you. No strings attached.

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"I was a bit apprehensive when visiting a car dealership on my own. I called RM Motor Car and they spent the time and came with me to various locations. I felt confident that when we went to the dealership I was getting the straight goods.  

I bought a 2018 Golf Sport Wagen and absolutely love it. I would recommend that if you are buying or selling, talk with RM Motor Car first. I have no regrets."  

- Jane M

"I have no time, interest or, truth be told, confidence in knowing the questions to ask and how to negotiate a good price on a car.  

After making appointments with the dealerships, RM Motor Car carefully explained each vehicle while I test drove them. When we found the perfect choice, RM Motor Car skillfully negotiated a lower price plus four Michelin snow tires. 

I paid less than I was prepared to spend and got a whole lot more than I expected because of RM Motor Cars work. They made the whole experience positive." 

- Cynthia R

Licensed & Registered

  • Active Member of the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council
  • Fully Licensed 
  • Professional Car Broker

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